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Twitter Created a Music App

The application is, unfortunately, available only for iPhone users via Apple's iTunes App Store and for Google. Although Android users shouldn't feel excluded, as soon the app will be ready for this platform as well.

So, Twitter's new app will help users find music according to artists and bands... (read more)


Some New Useful Mobile Apps


This application will help you type in an amazingly fast way. So, you'll get a new touchscreen keyboard that knows how words work together, and the app will provide you with the best autocorrect predicting your next word.

Price: $3.99, but you may load a trial version.

Works on Android.


It lets you create multi-angle videos with your fans, followers or f... (read more)


Top 10 Tech Companies

Frankly, I wasn't surprised by the results provided, but still let me share this information with you. But, please, before you see the list, try to guess which company takes the first place.

1. Apple

Despite all the troubles, Apple is still one of the most successful companies ever created.

2. Google

Seems t... (read more)


Do You Use a Password for Your Phone?

A recent survey has shown that three of ten smartphone users don't have any password, thus they allow any person to get an easy access to their e-mail, bank account, credit card information and other sensitive info like photos, messages. 15% of people save password information on their phones to apps and websites they use and more than half (55%) who do have passwor... (read more)



Google presented a new Chromebook with touchscreen capability. Well, it does look outstading: a 12.85-inch touch-sensitive Gorilla Glass screen with resolution of 4.3 million pixels. It will come in two versions: the basic model is Wi-Fi only; a more expensive one can connect to Verizon's superfast LTE networ... (read more)


An App to Complain about Text Spam

Text message spam irritates, doesn't it? If you are one of those who are completely fed up with endless spam messages, then now you should try PrivacyStar Text & Call Block available in Google Play Store. This nice program allows you to block any number from texting or calling you. But its main feature is that now you have the ability to report annoying spam to FTC j... (read more)


Instagram for Desktop Users

Initially Instagram was devoted to mobiles only, but now you can see the working version of your Instagram feed online. Just visit and log in to your account. After that you can browse the recent pics of people you follow with latest updates, if you want you may like a picture by double clicking or using t... (read more)



One of the most interesting gadgets I have ever heard about is a HAPIfork. Please, don't think that this is an ordinary fork, this gadget has all the chances to become a must-have utensil for everyone. Why is it so special? The thing is that eating too fast may lead to serious problems, and exactly this ele... (read more)


Doctor's Office in a Box

We all know that visiting doctors is a great challenge because of the waiting process. Seriously, sometimes I even prefer simply staying at home. But it seems that now HealthSpot offers an alternative, to be more precise, “doctor’s office in a box". This will be a place where doctors may remote... (read more)


'Drinking Mirror' App

This time Android users may 'enjoy' a 'Drinking Mirror' app. The name of a program clearly explains what the app is intended to do.

How does it work? You add your photo and answer a very simple question about how many glasses of wine you drink per week, then you'll see how this may age your look.

The app is especiall... (read more)