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Fresh Paint for Windows 8

Fresh Paint is an outstanding application that simulates oil on canvas. With it you may draw on the screen with your finger. Users can use four different brushes and a color palette. What makes this app a special one is that your brushstrokes appear as if you're painting with oil on a textured canvas. And, ser... (read more)


Twitter's own Instagram

Twitter has launched its own library of filters for its Android and iPhone applications. So, now you can easily enhance your images.

The new filters were made by Aviary.

Wonder what you can do with your pics?

1) You may choose among 8 filters, ranging from black & white to vintage.

2) Check how the chosen effect affects your pic.

3) Frame the action.


Samsung Galaxy S4

It is not a secret that Samsung is going to lauch new Galaxy. Let's have a look at what is expected to change.

1. Screen

It is rumoured that Samsung is going to bring a flexible screen to the Galaxy S4. Well, sounds a bit exaggerated. It seems that it is more likely that customers will get the 5-inch 1... (read more)


iTunes 11

Apple actually was going to launch iTunes 11 in October. Well, better late than never. So, from this moment iTunes 11 is available for download. The truth is this is not just a music player but it's an App store, a music and movies store and a way to manage iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.

For now it's difficult to deci... (read more)


Make Your Own Social Network

Social networking sites surrond us everywhere. It seems that almost everyone uses at least one of them. But have you ever thought about creating your own social network? If yes, then I've got good news: it's possible even without spending single dollar.

So, the ways are:

1. Phpfox – Social Network Community

It is considered to be o... (read more)


Angry Birds Star Wars

The developers of this blockbuster game have just launched a „Star Wars“-themed version. Good news — the game will be available for most major platforms like iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.

You'll be offered 80 great levels to go through. Your main goil will be to fight against the ... (read more)


Li-Fi instead of Wi-Fi

Have you ever heard of Li-Fi? Shame on me, but I had absolutely no idea about what it is. So, let's see, Li-Fi (light fidelity) is the next step in development of communication technology after Wi-Fi. To transfer data it uses… light. The light can be of different kind, i.e. it may belong to the invisible... (read more)


A Bamboo Phone

ADzero promised to release a phone made from organic bamboo (yes, bamboo in the literal sense). It has 16 GBs of storage as well as an 8-megapixel camera with a shadow-minimizing feature. It will run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 1.4 GHz Samsung Exynos quad-core processor. Frankly, bamboo is bec... (read more)


The BANG! Lamp

Are you tired of clipping to turn the lights on and off? I've found a solution — just shoot the lights out with the BANG! Lamp, a new invention by Bitplay. Thus, firing turns the light out and tilts the lampshade down to “play dead”, and a second firing brings back the light.

See, how it works.



Are you crazy about iPhones? If yes, then iTable is exactly what you are looking for to play music and at the same time to decorate your home with a table made in the iconic iPhone style. These iPhone coffee tables both look great and turn out to be of a special functionality.

As for the prices, they va... (read more)