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Not 'fat' but 'phat' :)

In the end, Facebook lets us edit our comments. We all know that the only way to edit comments was to delete and start again.

The edit option appears in the form of a small pencil icon on the right side of your comment. Clicking on the pencil will bring up a drop-down menu with the option to edit ... (read more)


A Rainbow?

We all know that rainbows appear before our eyes when a mist of water acts like a prism and reflects sunlight by dividing its rays into their full spectrum of visible colors. We also know that whales come up for air when at sea — they’re mammals, after all — but not without first exhaling out of the... (read more)


Seven tech-behavior faults that aren't so bad

I've faced one article devoted to online transgressions. Let me tell you briefly about them.

1. You forget to answer an e-mail

You have forgotten to answer your friend. it's ok as… if something serious happend she would give you a call. Right?

2. You fail to accept someone's friendship/follow them back

Sometimes it happens.

3. You call someone back without listening to his or her voice message first

Hey, at least you didn't respond to the voice me... (read more)


One of the ways to use post-it notes

Traditionally, Post-it notes are a tool for the those who are super organized. But for one band, the sticky notes are a way to tell a story.

The stop-motion music video extravaganza for “If You Ever Need Someone” by Family Bones is the result of four months, 25,000 Post-it notes and a whole lot o... (read more)


Got an Idea?

Do you agree with the fact that the main problem with most white boards is that they are just too small to handle your great ideas? Then grab a roller, some IdeaPaint, and turn any wall — or your whole house — into a white board… a huge one.

IdeaPaint is an eco-friendly paint that has the same “W... (read more)


Video Recording Sunglasses Capture Action on the Sly

With Pivothead video recording sunglasses, you can capture the footage you want, without looking like a cyborg.

The lightweight, impact resistant sun-glasses will allow you to snap away at sporting events, concerts, or while engaging in extreme activities, without having to use to your hands to hol... (read more)


Russians prefer Internet

A survey has shown that more people in Russia spend their time on the Internet rather than in watching traditional TV channels.

The trend has helped web portals to lead the Russian media market, local media reported.

According to the survey by a market research company TNS, Russian internet sea... (read more)


A new social network by Microsoft

I wonder whether there is still some space for a new social network. Microsoft thinks so. It has quietly launched, which it describes as a social-search tool to share information and meet people with common interests. is an experimental research project focused on the future of social experiences and learning, especially among younger people
Microsoft said Monday in an e-mail.

The tool was launched late last year for s... (read more)


How we help Facebook make billions

Every post you 'like'. Every friend you add or fan page you join. Every place you check in, and every Web page you recommend.

In fact, to us these actions are a way how we enjoy and use this social network. But to Facebook, it is a way how they get those billions.

In business, it is said that i... (read more)