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A Nanny for a Driver

Be Attentive and Save Lives

Are you attentive on the road? Do you look straight ahead? If you have a habit of watching the sides instead of the way ahead there is a car nanny created for you. The smart device tracks the direction of your look and reminds you of driving your car carefully and keeping attention on the traffi... (read more)


A Boat in A Bottle: The Modern Look

The Hobby Recieves a New Look

I'm sure you know the magnificent boats in bottles. I'm speaking of tiny replicas of real ships, being constructed inside bottles of various sizes. In the classic variant the process takes a lot of time to be fulfilled. But, these days, this wonderful hobby receives a new feel and look from the ... (read more)


So Many, So Smart, So Important?

Old Apple Rivals with New Toys

As you may know the beginning of may was full of rumors about Apple's smart watch development, followed by the official announcement by Samsung about their own development process. At the same time we may read about other, not so well-known, developers, that work in the same field as well.

Ha... (read more)


A Pretty Strange Ice

Ice That Doesn't Melt

Wandering around the Internet I came across a funny device...not so digitally technical, but it attracts attention. So, excuse me of mentioning it here, as I can't but share my experience with you.

Do you like marshmellows? I guess, I will be right saying, that many of you do! Now Imagine th... (read more)


Music Evolution Told in 4 Minutes

The Way The Music Has Evolved

Have you ever noticed that each epoch has its own technology, life peculiarities, music and possibilities. The melodies reflect our lifestyle and, thus, the amount of electronic music we face today can be counted as a marker of the digital era we live in. Even though the video I was impressed by... (read more)


Unusual Liquid

An Easy Toy

Have you ever heard about ferromagnetic fluid? In case you didn't, I'll mention that this is a liquid made of oil and iron (if put simple), that respond to magnetic field. Scince I've descovered the existance of this thing, I want to see it live and have some experiments with it. Until then it s... (read more)


Do You Want to Fly a Dragonfly?

A Dragonfly to Fly

Remember your childhood, did you like toys? Of course, you did! And don't even try to dissuade me from this belief. There is always a child within us, open to new meetings and ideas. Only one thing changed – the type of toys.

So, let me introduce you a mechanism, which may take and hold your a... (read more)


Flexible Flesh Memory

The Inner Structure

Recently, I thought that it would be great to have a flexible phone, as you can put it into your pocket and it will bend, instead of crashing. A quite safe thing to have. But to achieve this all elements must be made of materials, that allow flexible actions. And humanity is taking new steps on th... (read more)


Face Stealer for iOS

Something not That Frightening

Yahoo Japan has forwarded a new app, called Face Stealer, for iOS. The application seems to be two sided – fun on the one hand and a bit unfinished on the other. But let's go step by step.

First, it is funny: it applies a mask to your face and changes your look. The mask moves together with your face and h... (read more)