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Did you know...?

That the world largest birthday cake was baked in honor of the City of Las Vegas' Centennial celebration that was held May 15,2005.

This huge piece of culinary art was 102-feet long, 52-feet wide and 20 inches tall, and took 500 volunteers 14 hours to construct and decorate. Its weight was 130,0... (read more)


Good Mother or Bad Mother?

So many troubles

Mother is a social status that can accommodate a huge number of social roles — teacher, friend, cook, tutor, and sometimes even the child's father. Being a good mom is one the most difficult tasks we may face during our life.

I was really a good mother befor I had kids...

It was even before the birth of our kids that many of us felt confide... (read more)


An announcement from Fujitsu

This not a very attractive slide became the most debated in the media last night. Fujitsu presented at its conference a lineup of tablets and laptops which are due to be released this year. These includes two Ultrabooks with Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processor, a slate tablet with a detachable dock and a W... (read more)


An incredible know-how

One of the oldest Swiss knife manufacturer Victorinox has recently introduced a new portable-knife model with SSD-drive capacity of up to one terabyte.

Victorinox's new product can be used for its intended purpose,as well as a USB flash drive. This one is maybe the only flash drive in the world t... (read more)


Virtual Zoo at your home

Children have always been big fans of animals, but most of all they like mixing facts they've already known, or just have recently learnt. That is why, finding such resource as „Switch Zoo“ has brought us a big joy and hours of pleasure.

Not only building your own virtual Zoo is possible on this web site... (read more)


Another new bright button toy?

V.Reader's main view

A Hong Kong-based manufacturer of consumer electronics, VTech, has recently released a new eReader which is intended for children of preschool age (3-7 years old). This one seems to be aimed at those kids whose parents are worried that their fidgets are not reading enough, as well as for those bus... (read more)