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The Finger Policy

I love MG Siegler, because there is constantly something happening to him, there's a hive of life around him.

This time he happened to expose a weird Google offensive content policy, as the profile picture of him, giving the world his middle finger, was deleted by Google without any notification. H... (read more)


A Mustache that Makes Angels Weep

That's how this guy has described the fake mustache he's wearing in the two videos he posted on this web-site.

As follows from the site's name, the initial quest Matthew Eppstein pursued was to be hired by Google. That's basically what the first video is about. Check it out for yourself:

However, it was not ... (read more)


Combat Ponies

To be honest, I've never been a fan of Warcraft. This franchise is alright, it has all the components a successful franchise needs: a thrilling (and on the later stages hardly understandale) plot, a huge selection of playable races, cutie orcs, and totally brilliant goblins.

But I don't love it any... (read more)


The Chinese Getting Better at Ads

Unlike Rick Perry, the Chinese has proven they are really able to create a nice commercial, presenting their product in an entertaining, witty, and original way. More specifically, I'm almost 100% sure it was not the Chinsese who devised and shot the great Do-Devil commercial for Lenovo ThinkPad, but at least the Be... (read more)


Perry's Logic

Most of us, men, are a often a bit sexist when we accuse women of the absence of logic. To be more precise, we accuse them of a very strange. somewhat (very much) distorted logic. But that has proven to be obe big mistake: women are perfectly logical creatures who never make illogical inferences… in... (read more)


Twitter Hacked... by a Kazakh?

Don't take me for a racist or something of the kind. I just don't know anything about Kazakhstan, except that it is the motherland of Borat, who is actually a nice British comedian, and that… that… And that's it.

But tell me, how on Earth did he manage to make this tweet?

According to experts,... (read more)


Top Ten Topics in Facebook and Twitter This Year


1. Death of Osama bin Laden

2. Packers win the Super Bowl

3. Casey Anthony found not guilty

4. Charlie Sheen

5. Death of Steve Jobs

6. The Royal Wedding

7. Death of Amy Winehouse

8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

9. Military operations begin in Libya

10. Hurricane Irene

Twitte... (read more)


You're Not Alone

I finally don't feel marginalized any more. You know, I used to feel so lonesome: I thought if I expressed my opinion openly, all colleagues woulf think me weird if not mad.


But MG Siegler published his article about his 'app fatigue': he rightly points out there are too many useless or almost useless apps.... (read more)



Facebook doesn't want to lag behind Google+, which allegedly has no limitations of the post size: now your posts on Zuckerberg's site can be up to 63,206 characters large. This figure is not a random one. Bob Baldwin, a Facebook engineer: “I set the exact limit to something nerdy. Facebook … Face Bo... (read more)