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The Indonesian Apple

Sometimes I wonder who could want to buy BlackBerry phones in 2011. The Canadian devices with the QWERTY-keypad and ruthlessly crashing cloud servies, feel irreversibly obsolete in the age of touchscreens and Google almost perfectly relible cloud.

Nevertheless, it proves to be wrong for the the dev... (read more)


Do You Have a Spare Cent?

Honestly, sometimes I really want to pay Jimmy Wales all I have on my bank account just to make his staring look disappear from the Wikipedia pages forever and ever. Last year I couldn't help uttering another „aw-w-w-w-w-w“ every time I started browsing the free encyclopedia.

This year has brough... (read more)


The Smart*ss Service

That's, basically, how they bare positioning themselves, which I don't find to be the case really. 'They' are TYSTYA, a new microblogging service. The name is the acronym for „Told You So Ten Years Ago“.

As follows from its name, all the messages you live on TYSTYA get published on your account in ten ye... (read more)


Google for Adults

Jay Greene from has brought us some great news: one of the biggest Google flops so far, Google TV, is going to get support from the US adult film industry. No, I'm not talking about an advertising campaign or events with stars participating: it's all about Vivid Entertainment opening its own channel on Google TV. The ra... (read more)


The Key to the Mystery

I remember myself wondering a couple of weeks ago, what '4S' in the new Apple phone's name mean. You know, it sounds a bit ambiguous, to say the least… Or not so respectful for Apple's potential customers, who the phone is supposed to be designed for (nudge-nudge).

That mystery would have remained ... (read more)


At Last Something Interesting

You know, the gizmo industry has been increasingly boring for the last couple of months. The recipes for new tech wonders the manufacturers presented on the market seemed to be copied from the same IT-recipe book: put more pixels here, additional inches there… Voilà! All that time I was tortured by ... (read more)


Let's Make It a Bit More Overbloated

Alas, John McCarthy is dead…

What, no reaction? No hysteric hype around his untimely death in media? No 'wow'-sounds, uttered by you, as you learned about it? The very first questions that highlighted in your mind was: 'Who the dickens is that John McCarthy?!'

Well, actually, thi... (read more)



19 days since Steve Jobs died.

Steve Jobs

20 days since iPhone 4S was introduced.

iPhone 4S

10 years since iPod was introduced.


25 years since Apple was established.

Apple Inc

400 years of evolution from 'methinks' to 'iPhone'.

Jean Lucques Picard