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The Greatest Typewriter EVAH!

I'm an avid sci-fi fan and read at least two books of this genre a month. One of the greatest sci-fi authors EVAH is, in my opinion, Henry Kuttner, whose stories about the alcoholic inventor, Gallegher, made lots of my days. This guy is an absolute genius, but he's got one insignificant drawback: he... (read more)


Bye, Steve

I'm so used to Apple's predictable, commonplace marketing strategies, that I could not believe it is a simple coincidence Steve Jobs died 24 hours after the presentation of iPhone 4S. And I surmise that Jobs could die earlier than is officially stated on Apple's web-site.

Just think about it: the v... (read more)


What Was That, Actually?

I think the yesterday's presentation of new Apple's products was one big failure from all points of view. It was a miss both tactically and strategically, especially for the new-baked CEO of the Cupertino giant, Tim Cook. After Jobs' resignation everybody expected him to present something revolution... (read more)


Do You 'Like' +1?

The '+1' button Google launched not so long ago seems to have finally become a hit, as Google published some figures about it. So, according to Nick Fox, VP of Product Management, this button is used nowadays approximately 5 billion times a day. Quite an impressive number, I should say. If it could ... (read more)


Gimme MOARRRRRR of Those Patent Battles!!!

Yesterday was a fantastic day. I wish I had bought some pop corn and had more Coke at home. The patent war Microsoft and Google are waging against each other has entered a new stage, because Ballmer's guys have concluded an agreement with Samsung.

The Koreans have agreed to share their patent port... (read more)


Eric, Al, and Mike: The Unforgettable Trio

There are lots of people and things I loved as a kid and am still loving now: my parents, my cats, pistacchio ice-cream, snails, video games… And clowns, of course. Any time I see clowns, I cannot help putting all my affairs aside and watching them giving each other a dusting, cracking hilarious jok... (read more)