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Won't help either

Verbatim has presented an ultra-slim bluetooth keyboard called Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard (unexpected for Verbatim, eh?). The novelty is supposed to simplify the life of tablet PC users. It can be connected to iPads, iPhones, Android 3.0 and higher devices and some other less popular gadgets. The... (read more)


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Everybody's anxiously waiting for Adobe to stop recalcitrating and give up. Flash is dead, they yell. But the strategic management isn't willing to believe in the failure. So, recently they have announced the future release of Flash Player for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, despite the fact that expert... (read more)


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Spam's getting more and more dangerous

Experts have recently published the results of another junk mail research. In the report they indicated a slight decrease in the number of scam letters. The proportion of malicious mail (inolving infected attachments or links to malicious websites), however, has risen by 5%, so don't forget to updat... (read more)


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And the winner i-is...

When I created this community dedicated to Web news, I thought it was going to be the most updated blog out of the three that exist here, but… Nothing of that kind. Today I'd like to amend this oversight and tell you about — unexpectedly… wait for it! — another Google's project. This time the case i... (read more)


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Google everywhere

You know, it seems to me that there are no other IT companies in the world besides Google. The then unobtrusive search engine has now turned into a whole empire that creates software and web products, the scope of which embraces, frankly, everything.

This time the giant has made another step on t... (read more)


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Some tea?

Who doesn't like video games? I guess, the majority of you likes. Online video games perhaps? Well, right, not everyone is fond of them, but they would certainly help you beguile weary working hours.

The game I have recently come across, however, must be used for that purpose with exceptional cau... (read more)


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New era and geniuses

Have always wondered, how geniuses manage to make up something really outstanding. What can become a stimulus for a person to create a real work of art, or invent things able to change the future of the whole world. Take, say, Thomas Edison with his light bulb. He was the person to turn the world ju... (read more)


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Creating websites together with your nurse

It has always been common for small children to do crafts. You know, these clay angels, paper ships and painted wooden spoons for your mom. So why not take a step further and create a website to entertain your elder brother? You will argue, it's all too difficult, web designers have to study for don... (read more)


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