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Anonymous Sober Chat

Just look around: there're piles of instant messaging and VOIP applications. What to choose? Developers don't know what to start with to keep spoilt users sitting on the edge of the chair.

Affinity Networks selected alcoholics and addicts to be their target audience and developed nice software Anonymous Sober Chat for AA ... (read more)


Google self-driving trucks

You've probably heard that the Google self-driving car came true!

The first really driverless car — a sensor-equipped Volkswagen Passat — was tested in Nevada in 2011. I suppose you're counting how many pedestrians the car knocked down) Get pleasently surprised: none!

There's a Velodyne 64-beam las... (read more)


10 new species in 2013!

There's so much to explore on the Earth! Every year scientists at Arizona State University announce top 10 species discovered.

Kindly follow the link to enjoy it on your own!

For instance, I was greatly impressed by this cockroach

And I've fallen in love with this cutie


Your tech sins

We all have habits: some can be quite irritating for others, some are really unhealthy for us themselves and our gadgets, as well. Here's its curious list of tech sins and their solutions.

They are mostly related to hygiene and, indeed, extremely simple to follow. E.g. why not to clean the device muc... (read more)


WhatsApp for $1b!

Is there somebody in the world who hasn't heard about WhatsApp? In case, these people exist, I'd like to clarify that's the most popular cross-platform mobile messaging application for Windows Phone, Nokia, Android and iPhone. Indeed, it's very convenient and lets you spare great money on sending SMS.

WhatsApp Inc... (read more)



Skyscrapers seem to become the relic of the past in the not-too-distant future. French architects are proud to offer the new type of house — the farmscraper.

6 Farmscrapers are going to beatify the scenery of Shenzan, China. As you can see they will consist of pebble-like structures.

The motto of the archite... (read more)


Pay to message Zuckerberg!

Are you ready to pay to get in touch with the founder of Facebook?

With good intentions to clean the main inboxes from annoying spam (and earn more money, as well), Facebook has been undertaking an experiment for small group of users. Now there's a pop-up informing you that you can write Zuckerberg… for $100. W... (read more)


Some like it big

Some like it hot. And some like it big =) For those, Huawei is going to create a 6.1-inch smartphone. Just imagine: a 6.1-inch smartphone! The company has announced itself to overrun Samsung Galaxy Note II whose display is about 5.5 inch. The device is stated to exceed all Samsung's features. Well, I hope my arm won't bend be... (read more)


Dandelion art

What do you think of dandelions?

Perhaps, you don't mind dispersing their seeds. At least, I love it. So people like me will certainly be pleased with an interactive picture of a dandelion lawn. Just come up to the painting and observe the cycle of life for this touching flower :) The most attrac... (read more)