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Innocence of Ruskies

Well, okay, Muslims protesting against Innocence of Muslims are okay: it is their right to publicly express their begative opinion about the film.

Killing four Americans is not okay: no one, all Muslims inclusive, has the right to kill innocent people who didn't have anything in common with produ... (read more)


The Mystery of the Somerton Man

I don't know whether you've ever read that strange whodunit book by Stephen King, The Colorado Kid, but I do it quite regularly. At least once a half of a year I take it from the shelf, blow the dust off of it and try to solve that impossible mystery once again.

The same is true for Gerry Feltus, an Australian pol... (read more)


Poland Rules!

Internet is a really fabulous thing: the longer it exists the cheaper and easier it makes our life. The media market has been so drastically changed by the Web that the consequences are yet to be evaluated, as it is really hard if not impossible to embrace the whole range of processes Internet calls... (read more)



This Thrusday evening was totally lost for me: I ran into Hexagon. I must admit, it is the best indie title I have played in months! This minimalistic game rocks really hard. If you start playing it and don't leave it in the next three minutes, there is no way you'll leave it later.

What is really very ... (read more)


The New Digg Is a Mess (RANT)

When I first saw the new Dig design, I got totally enthusiastic. It look so fresher and sleeker than that previous poor cr*p that I was literally clapping my hand in anticipation of how majestically it would be to use the new site. And then I realised that the new design is actually nothing but a ... (read more)


Microsoft Waves Googbye to Metro

Looks like it's time Microsoft parted ways with Metro. No, not altogether, the new minimalistic design language will stay in the existing and future Microsoft products. The Redmond team is rather willing to change its name: officially, because Metro was just a codename, however, the more likely real reason is to av... (read more)


A Danger from the Outer Space

It is totally unbelievable: I never thought that people can experience so serious problems when on space flights. The weightlessness is a unique state that only a handful of people has been in, and most of us have no idea what it feels like to be weightless. Moreover, most of people have no idea how... (read more)


Higgs Boson: How It Works

You must've heard about the Higgs boson last week. Surely, you've heard about it. It's that particle that those guys in Switzerland have (probably) been able to detect on LHC. There was very much fanfare around this event in the media, but I doubt that even 2% of the people who heard about 'this treme... (read more)


Time Out of Joint

We were not just wrong. We were totally, hopelessly wrong. We failed to properly assess the power of time, the unlimited and uncontrollable might that the inexorable element possesses and emanates.

Okay, enough of that trash talk, I couldn't mimic writing skills even if I wanted to. I'm talking abo... (read more)