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Lone Survivor: The Nature of Fear

I could be really into horror games if not for one tiny little thing: they don't scare me. I mean, they don't scare me the way they are supposed to do, scare the pants off of me. The unconvincing atmosphere, excessive blood and gore, commonplace plot twists that you foresaw hours before: all that ha... (read more)


plachý trpaslík: The Art of Game Design

Sometimes you happen to stumble upon a something that changes the way you see something. You watch the first Matrix films and get to realise that there are more to blockbusters than big badabooms and huge human-like robots fighting among skyscrapers. You read Paying for It by Chester Brown and reali... (read more)


Freaking You Out

There are so many principles that game developers keep believing but that just turn out to be totally false… One of them is that a game should at all times stay totally rewarding and encouraging. In plain terms, a game should be easy enough, otherwise the average player that the developers always ke... (read more)


Lots Of Love

The facepalm is one of those gestures that feel appropriate when it comes to politics. When it comes to the British politics, the facepalm start feeling even more appropriate. And when I heard about David Cameron's goof, I really risked breaking my own nose with my hand rapidly approaching my face... (read more)


You Get the Endianness Wrong

There's a new great game coming to discharge Minecraft as the geekiest game evah.

What is the most top-notch hard-core video game you can think of? I bet, many of you will certainly say 'Minecraft' as soon as the words 'hard-core' and 'game' come up in a conversation.

Minecraft is an icon for the indie g... (read more)


Jellyfish out of Light

This video has won the 'German Web-Video 2012' contest in the art nomination.

This is one of the most awesome videos I've ever seen on YouTube. The creativity of these Cologne guys really deserves a little bit of appreciation.


Apple Upside Down

I thought there 's no justice in this world anymore but Ozzies have proved me wrong.

About two weeks ago I published a ranting post about Apple messing us about. A long story short, Apple claimed thejir new iPad is LTE-capable, whereas the 4G networks are available to iPad owners only in the United States and ... (read more)


Do You Know Any Chinese Web-Sites?

Hey everybody!

Let's show how knowledgeable we are:

Try to remember any three Chinese sites in the comments without googling or looking it up in Wikipedia.

I wonder whether there's gonna be one single comment here.


Mass Affect


This post contains spoilers about the ending of Mass Effect 3.


I knew it. I knew it from the very beginning. Oozes of gamers I know would try to convince me Mass Effect is not just a good game series: they'd say it is gorgeous, fabulous, magnificent, and superficially majestic, better than all Diablo, The Elder Scrolls and Warcraft combined. After singi... (read more)


Citius, Altius, Acrius

After Nokia 808 PureView was presented to the general public on February 27, every tech blogger felt just obliged to write a post about the phone's phenomenal 41 megapixels.

Not me, however =-D

41 megapixels… Who cares about the measly 41 megapixels, when there are photos with the resolution of ... (read more)