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Apple Pulling Our Leg?

The big tech news of teh last week is the two killer features of the new iPad: a 2048×1536 px retina display and an LTE standard support, allowing for really high data communication speed of up to 72 MBit/s.

Half a year ago the newly presented iPhone 4S had got two killer features as well. These were a... (read more)


All Your Base Are Belong to FBI

As several members of the frenetic LulzSecurity group were arrested several hours ago, the feds made public the information concerning the mastermind behind the notorious hacker mob and, at the same time, the FBI operation aimed at putting the other Web-criminals into slammer.

This high-profile traitor has ... (read more)


Mitt Ming

Well, I'm not very keen on politics and stuff, but here's what I have found out on the Web.

Don't you find they look similar, too?


Bird Is the Word

My day has been saved twice. Apple was not alone in its desire to liven up the dull tech news landscape: the YouTube user eeplox came to help with his story about the Rumblefish record company claiming bird singing is their exclusive intellectual property. Just read and enjoy.


Apple Shipping iPad 3 to the USA?

After a two-week revel spree in a nice company of friends I finally got to the computer and checked whether there have been around any new interesing pieces of tech news. Nah, there haven't.

Oh wait, not quite so! Actually, there was one report that captured my attention: the latest rumours about... (read more)



Sometimes the comments to news are much better than the news itself. That was the case with this AllThingsD report regarding the rumours about iPad 3 presentation in March. The report is alright, but the comment is just brilliant.


Google's Goggles

Looks like Google really does mean it. The search giant is allegedly working on the Augmented Reality glasses.

I hope they won't be like that

According to, people, wearing these glasses, will see the world much like Schwarznegger in Terminator 2, with long rows of figures and text, giving some basic information about the object they are... (read more)


People vs. ACTA

Poland is no longer the only European country that hasn't signed the ACTA agreement.

The Czech prim-minister Petr Nečas and the Slovak finance minister Juraj Miškov have declared today that signing the agreement in tehir respective countires has been postponed, because their governments still hav... (read more)


Pipasopaakta: A Copyright Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a young fellow, called Jukko, who lived in a distant Finnish village Piiratta Beja. Most of all Jukko loved gathering cowberry on swamps: he would wander there for hours, filling his basket with sweet reddish berries. Then he would bring them home and give them to his mother, so that s... (read more)


A Retro Dock

I like retro. Even more, I love retro. I adore retro. That's why this dock for iPad 2 is a thing I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.

The $85.90 price tag is quite fair for device like this.

Don't know, whether you share my love for old-style things, but this dock is going to find a place on my deskt... (read more)