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Moon and Titanic


Oh, those wizards, I mean scientists, quite often crack me up with their discoveries and explanations of things. This time they've come up with a theory as to why there were unseasonably so many icebergs at the sight of Titanic's demise back in 1912 (a month from now is a century ago). Check it ou... (read more)


The New and Improved SimCity '5' in 2013!

Finally, there is something to look forward in 2013 (I mean this is besides the alleged the end of our civilization). Maxis has announced the release of the ever popular SimCity sometime in 2013. Check out the youtube's trailer video. It looks so awesome, I wanna play NOW!


British are c**ts, Google, you say?

Ammy Winehouse

Apparently, Google is now swearing at our young offsprings and they are glad to exploit this bug feature as much as they can while it lasts. Last December when searching to „define: British person“, Google would return that those islanders are all c**ts. This wasn't entirely Google's fault since thei... (read more)


Guys, This is the BEST game, since the Neverhood!!!

DO not ask me how I found this, but this game is quite awesome. If you were a computer gamer back in 90s there is a possibility that you've heard about only the best game ever created for PC for that time: The Neverhood — a comic puzzle quest game.

The Neverhood

You get to fight villains, solve puzzles to get... (read more)


Can it get creepier? A Steve Jobs' $100 doll for devoted Apple fans.

I mean our world gone mad, but I think this is a little creepier than the usual creepy stuff we discover everyday.

A Steve Jobs doll, complete with three pairs of hands (in various poses) and a pair of white sneakers, will no longer see the light of day after pressure from Apple lawyers and Jobs' family forced its maker to abandon next month's launch.

Check out the entire article here. I just think it is extremely creepy, but yet again, this is my opinion.


Evil corps are attacking the Internet...

The new proposed laws for controlling the Internet in the United States are outrageous. The evil corporations want a cake and eat it too :-( Instead of innovating their content or how people interact with it to curve the piracy, they are trying to block every single attempt to share the content.... (read more)


DAMN, The Future You Scarry!

This video rocks as it shows that within the next 2-3 years our AMOLED displays will be virtually unbreakable, reducing the price of the products those screens are used in — lower insurance premiums and so on!