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iOS 6 and its innovations

We were waiting for it and we were confused a bit. New Apple iOS 6 sprang surprises to its users. The main disappointing thing about it is Maps. I would name it an attempt to create a great location search but it has failed. The 3D views are terrifying. The roads are wavy. You can read about all t... (read more)


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Smiling Day! :-)

Today we're happy to celebrate the birthday of the Smiley, mostly used set of the punctuation symbols that people use everywhere, even in business letters.

There are a lot of suppositions about the origin of the sign and one of them is based on the letter of Scott E. Fahlman, the professor of Ca... (read more)


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Unshakable belief

Well, the new iPhone 5 has been released. We're waiting and some of us were slightly disappointed. But the mind of many people was obscured by the release of the long-expected Apple's toy that actually they couldn't even distinguish 4S from iPhone 5. Jimmy Kimmel revealed a secret of human imagina... (read more)


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Asian history of Apple and Samsung

In spite the fact that Apple won the battle against Samsung and demand a $1 billion but this victory wasn't supported in Asia. Korean, for instance, accused both Apple and Samsung of producing old devices.

Can you imagine this? Both companies were adjudged to have infringed each others patents. ... (read more)


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Music everywhere

From iDevices, the iPeople behind the iGrill, comes iShower — a battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled, water-resistant speaker for what its makers charmingly refer to as „aqua-centric environments.“ The iShower can stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled Apple or Android device, apparently to an impressive ... (read more)


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Twitter celebrates!

As Twitter faces criticism for controversial changes to its API, it is celebrating the one-year birthday of Bootstrap, its open source front-end framework for web development, with the release of version 2.1 with simplified documentation and fixes to more than 100 issues.

Within months of last year’s initial rel... (read more)


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A sore point

Well, I don't like writing about some private things but… This week is memorable for me as I'll have a wedding! And you know it's a real pain in my neck to plan this day.

And for future brides I want to give some advice to organize everything perfectly. I present you some apps that will help you... (read more)


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Strike the right Note

I think people are under the impression of Samsung's Galaxy Note but they shouldn't relax because the company will launch the next Galaxy Note smartphone at an event on August 29, about two weeks before the possible debut of Apple’s new iPhone. South Korean media reports speculate the new Galaxy Note may feature an u... (read more)


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Cores, cores, cores

Tablets are getting popularity in leaps and bounds nowadays. And we try to be up-to-date providing information about IT news about them. Well, The company Qualcomm has just announced the availability of the quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro Mobile Development platform for tablets. The Snapdragon S4 APQ8064-base... (read more)