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The Corporation of Good rushes to help!

The developers of the worldwide-known social network Facebook announced that they tend to be affiliated to some considerable resources in order to support programs that can help to prevent suicide attempts. 'It gives us the great opportunity to give every possible assistance to everyone who needs ... (read more)


The most visited site in Brazil

Facebook surpassed Google to become the most popular and visited site by Brazil users over the weekend. It's an important milestone for Facebook and for its users. Even Orkut and Twitter were less popular.



Angry Birds help survive

In this undated image provided by David Heatherly, Heatherly holds „Cujo,“ in West Virginia. Heatherly, who recently was stranded for three days on a snowy mountain road in Montana after his SUV became stuck in the snow, attributed his survival to God, a rationed supply of beef jerky and the video... (read more)


Google+ hints

I've come across a nice (though quite old) infographic that explains how to format your text, or jump to another stream in Google+. Maybe it will come in handy for some of you, who knows :) Just in case:


Mail wars

Another round of the infinite war between Hotmail and Gmail.

'Why Hotmail is better?' (ugh-ugh).

The other point of view expressed two years ago: