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Today the FBI closed down a network of DNS servers that give an access to the Internet for thousands people. The reason is a malware package called DNSChanger that the users must protect their PCs from. This 'program' is so widespread that even such powerful companies like Google and Facebook teamed up to r... (read more)


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Create your Legoland!

I'm sure that everybody loved Lego. It's just the right time to restore it to life!

Google doesn't stop amazing its users. It presents a new project called Build, an app that lets you build Lego structures within Google's browser. There are different types of Lego bricks and you can also choose your ... (read more)


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A social network for parents

Parents now has their own social network — 23snaps.

It is the latest ‘private’ social networking app to hit the App Store, for you to “capture, share and cherish every special moment in your children’s lives.” You can share status and updates with your family and best friends. If you're parent or are g... (read more)


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Welcome to Facebook App Center

Is there a site with all necessary apps for you? There is. Facebook is launching its new project — App Center where users can find a variety of social apps. It also gives an opportunity for developers to offer unpaid and paid apps, be in touch with the users and their opinions. App Center is directed on iOS... (read more)


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Galaxy S III: Rather a Disappointment

You can stop nervously biting on your nails: Samsung has finally presented its new Galaxy S III.

As was expected, the phone design has undergone no substantial design refurbishing: the general look of the phone has remained the same, with only the physical button and general phone contours have s... (read more)