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Full-HD Voice

Fraunhofer IIS Presents the World's First Full-HD Voice Calls on Android Phones over LTE at Mobile World Congress 2012

While this is not entirely hardware news, it doesn't quite fit into Software news as well, so here it is. Our old pal, Fraunhofer IIS organization, the main inventor of the, revolutionary at its time, MP3 codec, is about to announce a new technology that will blow your mind. The company claims t... (read more)


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OS X Mountain Lion: iMessage

As we all remember, on February 16, Apple released its next-generation operating system — OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, though for developer preview. So, these developers continue revealing mysteries about this new product.

As this operating system includes significantly more mobile features than the ... (read more)


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Facebook allows pseudonims?

Yes, if you provide a scanned copy of your *government-issued, photo ID*.

Weird, don't you think? Even my Internet bank client doesn't have a copy of my pass. Do they need a dozen of blank papers signed at the bottom as well?


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Facebook statistics

Infographics Lab have recently published an infographic that contains major statistics of the world's greatest social network. When you look at it first time, it does really seem impressive.

I hope the data can be useful to you, or at least interesting :) To find the embedding code, please visit ... (read more)


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Microsoft OneNote for Android

Microsoft has decided to enrich the range of their Office applications by including new editions for mobile devices. One of them is the mobile version of MS OneNote. For you to remember: such an application already exists for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad.

As of lately, all modern mobile devices... (read more)


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Most popular programming languages

Here you can get acquainted with the list of the most widely used coding languages worldwide.

The rating was traditionally published by Tioba. It includes data on the number of programmers, educational opportunities and the amount of code indexed by search engines.

The next 30 most popular lang... (read more)


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Google pays: free Amazon gift certificates for anyone

Google is trying to make up for their controversial privacy policy?

The unprecedented opportunity is waiting for those who agree to install a special add-on for Chrome designed to track all the user activity on the Internet. While Google will get the statistics essential to improve the service, ... (read more)


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Cryoscope - feel tomorrow's weather today

Useful or waste of your buck — this is something for you to decide, but the concept of this device is pretty awesome. Here it is:


Imagine you get to feel what forecasted (tomorrow's) temperature feels like on your skin? There aren't any practical applications for it, as far as I am concerned, but... (read more)


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Oh Hail, the Glassy Future from Corning!

Glassy Teacher

Some of us are anxious to know what the future is going to be like. And here we go, Corning has an answer for all of you who anticipate — it will be everything glass. Glassboards will replace the blackboards; we will see wide-adoption of the smart windows with a tint feature and ability to displ... (read more)