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A Moving House

The Changing House

I'm sure that I won't be mistaken if I say that each of us by certain age has an idea of an ideal home. Some put into this term the warmth of a family, others an idea of a house, that might form a fortress. I, personally? belong to a category, that tries to combine the two variants.

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Water Magic

Do you like water? I do! And I enjoy the thing people are capable of creating using water and some other optical effects and sound. I've always wanted to see this with my own eyes, or even try to do some, but had no opportunity. That's why I love watching these videos. They bring some magic into our... (read more)


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Search for Things with Joy

How many times do you lose your keys during the day? I do it constantly, many many times. And they always are as close as they only can be, on the most open space ever. A group of people have created a new device that can solve this problem. It is not bigger than a quarter and works for about a year... (read more)


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A Useful Keychain

If you are tired of little buttons or even smaller ones, shown on the screen of your device, the way I am, you will love the thing I came across recently. It is a small cube, that is capable of projecting a laser keyboard on any flat surface. It is connected via blue-tooth technology to any device, be that your sma... (read more)


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Upgrade Your Shower

The Upgrade for the Shower

Do you like singing in shower? If you do, you'll like this invention: a speaker that is installed into your shower and works for seven hours without any wires. It connects to your device or radio via bluetooth and you can enjoy your favorite radio stations or music in shower.

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