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Imagine: a cozy cottage, a carpet with light and shadow dancing on it, warmth from a fireplace, a rocking chair, cup of tea and … iPad, which you do not have to hold in your hands. Do you like the picture?

It is becoming possible soon. Micasa Lab in Zurich are developing a chair, called iRock, that can (prepa... (read more)


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After-Halloween Theme

So Small, So Cute

Do you like Halloween? Do you like Bats? Have you ever heard them? I'm sure that at the last question was answered “No”. Here is your chance to listen to their voice.

And if you are interested in more facts and amusing things about bats, you can read about them read more).


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Glass Art Wonders

Glass wonders

I am always surprised what a man can do with a couple of instruments and mastery. It like magic to me, when it touches upon working with glass. I would never imagine that such detailed and complicated parts of our body could be created out of this fragile material. The most awesome thing here, to ... (read more)


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Bad Piggies Take the Scene

The Comics Is Also Created

If you are tired of playing on the side of poor birds (which I really doubt), you can learn to make pigs fly. The new game by Rovio Entertainment is seeing the world. At the moment it is available for Mac and mobiles, both Android and iOS. PC versions will come a bit later. If you are interested y... (read more)


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Enjoy the 3D Beauty of the Moon

If you are fond of space and have 3D glasses, you will enjoy these pictures of the Moon done with the help of 3D technology. I find them really interesting. Even though I lack the 3D glasses, and only dream of having them, I'll try the recipe of the home-made ones, which are said to be enough for th... (read more)