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A Hand-Ring for a Real-Life RPG

The Bluetooth Featured Bracelet

It looks like computer role playing games are being brought into life. A bracelet was created, called Amico, which can help you find a good match, but keeping the intrigue of mystery present.

Bracelet Amico

How is this possible? Well, this device is working through the bluetooth technology, storing you... (read more)


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A New Cute Gaming Mouse

The Future-Looking Mouse, Isn't it?

Well, while surfing the Internet I can't go by a cute thing in computer world. And, yes, it is another nicy mouse created by BMW and Thermaltake. It is called 'the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse' and is, to my mind, awesome in its looks. It is definitely not the one we got accustomed to in design. It is ... (read more)


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A Political Truth Finding App

The Truth Finding App

The two former MIT Media Lab students, Dan Siegel and Jennifer Hollett, with the help of the Knight Foundation created a nice application that can check the truthfulness of political adds and of accusations in them. It is called Super PAC App.

The idea is close to those multi-media tagging a... (read more)


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Hold the Force in Your Hand

Feel the Force In Your Own Hands

When I was a kid and watched films like StarWars, where magic or the Force was involved. I wanted to be like those heroes, being able to do more, to have at least one 'magic' talent.

I can say with arm on my heart that kids today are given wide possibilities. One of them is to feel themselves ... (read more)


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Flat Technology

New Lenovo Ultrabook

These days we get more mature, becoming difficult to be surprised. Yet, one thing did surprise me, may be just because this is the first object in the sphere of computer technology I came across that can do so. Frankly speaking, I have no idea if it is the unique one or not, but I just fell in lov... (read more)


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'Windy' Mouse

The Black Element Cyclone Edition Gaming Mouse

The thing that made me dream today is not that important or crucial to know, but a rather interesting one, to my mind. Well, I can't say for you, but my hand (frankly speaking), which is put on a mouse while playing, feels clammy in an hour or so. And this, I though, was unchangeable. I find Therm... (read more)