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Now We Can Hear the Sign Language

Now We Can Hear the Sign Language

How well do you know the sign language? I, for myself, don't know a word. Thus, I would have great problems communicating with the people who can't communicate orally.

The Ukraine team Quadsquad invented a tool to solve at least one problem – the understanding of the gesture language by those ... (read more)


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Firefox OS is to Come to Life

Mozilla's OS Will Use the Firefox Brand

Mozilla is planning to blow out an OS for mobile devices which will use the Firefox brand. It is said to be based on HTML5 and to be fully open. The first phones with this Firefox OS are to come to life in 2013 in Brazil.

Mozilla got the support and backing from the leading operators (Deutsche... (read more)


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A Desktop Tablet?

Toshiba Excite 13

Today I came across an article about Toshiba Excite 13 – a tablet that is bigger than any other – the whole 13 inchies. The first thing I thought about after reading an article was – why so big? To my mind 10 – 11 inches are enough for a tablet. It seems more to be a desktop tablet, than the one t... (read more)


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A New Toy by Microsoft

Microsoft's Surface

The recent announcement made by Microsoft was about a new product, which is not just another software release.

The company is bringing to life its own tablet with powerful hardware (also developed by the company). As Microsoft team present it — it is to be a full desktop computer in the form ... (read more)


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No Dust on Your Piano Anymore...

Piano Dust Buster

One of these days I came across an article that described a new free application by JoyTunes for iPad: Piano Dust Buster. The product is created to help those who dreamed of playing piano to begin learning. The program is interactive and responds to real piano getting data through the iPad micro... (read more)


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A New O!

Opera mini 7

Being a non-android telephone user, I was pleasantly surprised to see the announcement of new Opera Mini for “ordinary” phones, so to say. The first thing I did – deleted the old version (which I didn't like) and installed a new one.

Having started it for the first time I enjoyed the changes. Frankly s... (read more)