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Non-stop gaming

Hey boys and girls!

You wanna have fun and exciting game experience? Then don't miss the Project Fiona — a gaming tablet with integrated dual game controllers. Just consider the picture above to better understand how it looks like. It seems to be handy, isn't it? What's more? Core i7 processor and Windows 8... (read more)


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'Ideas Worth Spreading'

If you want to know 'Why democracy matters', or 'Who controls the world', or 'What is the self-healing asphalt made of', in other words, if you want to be aware of all the innovations developed by human mind, so you are welcome to the one of the 'Ideas' communities that have become more and more p... (read more)


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A workplace in Victorian style

Dear Bloggers,

I want to share with you a link to the website of the creative steampunk workshop. I was very impressed with the pieces of art that they make! It is not just the world of things from the 19th — 20th centuries; the steampunk means a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features ste... (read more)


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Can mirrors talk?

Ladies and Gentlemen!

You are welcome to the next generation of shopping with the assistance of interactive mirrors!

Imagine you enter your favorite store and immediately choose your product from the catalog that meets you at the interactive storefront. Imagine that you no longer need to try o... (read more)


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Train your brain

Wandering web I came across to an interesting web service, which I would like to share with you. This is — a web site where you can set your individual program to improve your own brain performance. The overall design of this service looked very attractive, so I decided to try it. Once I've selec... (read more)


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Google continues to expand the geography of its virtual travels

Thanks to popular Google Street View project we have already been able to see many nice places, such as Swiss Alps, the Amazon River, or even take a few steps along the paths of the park of Versailles.

Here it is Google's additional panoramic imagery of historic Antarctic locations. Just sit comfortably in a chair, take your favorite cup of tea or c... (read more)


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NEXUS 7, a tablet by Google, comes!

Finally! The world is due to meet a tablet PC that was specially designed for Google play — Nexus 7.This one is a powerful new tablet with a vibrant, 7” 1280x800 HD display. The Tegra-3 chipset, with a quad-core CPU and 12-core GPU, makes everything, including games, extremely fast.

What's the be... (read more)