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In the footsteps of Santa

Ho ho ho! Holiday is everywhere! And what a happy mood without Santa!

Google has recently introduced Santa Tracker — a new service where you can see Santa's travel around the world, view the presents Santa has delivered, as well as find out when he is going to get to your country and prepare for meeting with ... (read more)


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Diagnoses of new generation

„Blackberry thumb“,„iPad shoulder“ — сan these diseases affect almost all of us?

Maybe, somebody has already experienced them?

We often think that technology facilitate our life, but unfortunately, very rare or very late, think about the shortcomings that they can also bring.

This video demon... (read more)


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Creating cartoons with the 3D printers

Creating a cartoon has always been the most fascinating process. As a child, I thought it had been a miracle. I have been terribly curious how the painted or sculpted from clay characters can come to life and move.

Nowadays it is particularly interesting to observe how the old methods like stop-m... (read more)


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Could a lifeguard be replaced by robots?

Frankly, I have been keen on robots since my childhood. When I was 6 years old my parents bought me my first toy robot which I didn't want to leave for a minute. Lately, I used to read all the stories about robots available in our family library again and again for many times; „Robbie“ by Asimov w... (read more)


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To protect your child on the Internet

The more my child grows, the more I have to concern about his safety while being online. Like any normal parent, I get a bit anxious about this issue, especially when considering the fact whether laws can prevent children from viewing explicit material or not. We can't be sure that this is possibl... (read more)