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What I mean was actually that if you talk about 100 million active users, we should have figures only nine times smaller than thos on Facebook. It means essentially that at the same activity rate we would've had about 20 +1's for teh first article, 15 +1's for the second article and 7 +1's for the third article. It becomes obvious that the so-called active Google+ users are at least twice less active as the folks on Facebook, which doesn't make that much sense to my mind.
Moreover, there can be no gap between FB and G+, since pretty much everybody has an account on Facebook, so the company just has nowhere to grow in user numbers. If G+ ever reaches these values, it will slow down just the same way F+ did it this year.
P.S. 'Less than 2 years of working Google+ social network has about 100 million users a month. And it's only active users. If the things go on with the same speed there will be a great gap between FB and G+.' So much for 'There is nothing about the present statistics.'
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Let us look at the real social statistics in the Web. Let's open three random articles on CNet, Guardian, and GameInformer and look at the Likes and +1's statistics (as of 22:43 MDT, 10.03.12):
1. CNet.
Likes: 176.
+1's: 10.
2. The Guardian.
Likes: 136.
+1's: 2.
3. GameInformer.
Likes: 66.
+1's: 0.
Now, take a close look at these figures. Then at your post. Then at these figures. Then at your post. Any ideas?
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Peopl, why on Earth should you care about someone seeing your misprints if you have already CORRECTED them?

Why don't you think that someone could write something like 'I f**ked your Mummy right in the a*s', cause a whole wave of outrage and then edit the comment to something like 'Your Mum is a very decent and charming lady, I am fascinated with her!'
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That's a big mistake if you think that friendship and communication in social networks is any different from those in the so-called 'real life'. It's all the same thing, cuz the borders between the offline and online worlds are fuzzy at least and, most likely, non-existent when it comes to their contents.
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Do you know how I do my dictionary check? The very first word I search for in an online dictionary is… is… i-i-i-i-is… Yeah, you've guessed it right. If the dictionary features this word, it means it is worth my attention, if it doesn't then it is not.
This dictionary doesn't feature the 'check-word'. Oh, but it offers me rather interesting search suggestions instead:

Update: looks like these guys have pondered I'm not the only one who checks the dictionaries in this way. The 'check-word' is already there.