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Apple's Diplomacy

I'd like to finally pick up on the topic that has been picked up on by almost anybody on the Internet, including my co-bloggers. You've guessed it right: the iOS 6 Maps.

This time, the notorious navigation monstrosity by Apple has outdone itself. It has unintentionally put forward a diplomatic solution for th... (read more)


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The Sad Panda

I don't know, that doesn't make that much sense to post it here, 'cause we're primarily about the tech and apps and stuff, but I can't help myself. It's such a cutie… Awww…


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Self-Help for Game Villains

The ultimate frustration… The ultimate frustration is when you do the same work, day after day, month after month, and you've been doing it for more than thirty years only to eventually fail each time. The ultimate frustration: these words describe the life of a game villain best.

He's destined t... (read more)


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A Million Dollar Homepage

There are lots of tech business ideas that are stillborn from the very beginning. People who fostered them may be hyping them up with unprecedented advertising campaigns, pumping in millions and billions of dollars to no avail. Google+, Ping, Windows Vista: all of them were born dead, and their cr... (read more)


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Why Surface Can Fail

The new tablet by Microsoft has hit the headlines of all major tech media and seems to have sparked a real big hype around the device. The tech journalists have meticulously described all the known features of the new device, the Web is teeming with fotos and hand-ons of the new device. All, in al... (read more)


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The Elder Scrolls: Game Over

They've ruined it. They've tried and ruined it. A whole year before the release, I know that they've totally ruined it, they've failed, they've left themselves not a single goddamn chance. They've killed The Elder Scrolls.

If you don't understand what I'm driving at, you must not have heard yet a... (read more)