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Salam World!

Unless you're living in a hut somewhere deep in forests, afar from the corrupting influence of civilization, you must be having at least one Muslim friend or acquaintance. The odds are, you're actually having more than one; the numbers of Muslims living in the Western countries has been constantly... (read more)


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H.I.V. Positive

I don't know about you but I'm fed up with teddy bears. They're cute, they're cuddly and they remind us of our sweet carefree years as a kid, but they've got one huge downside that outweighs all their positive aspects in my eyes. The teddy bears are commonplace.

In fact, they are so commonplace ... (read more)


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Product Placement Google-wise

It's been nearly a month since Google found itself in a quite npleasant situation: the company was caught off guard violating people's privacy. The bad thing for Google was the stroy was dug up by Well Street Journal that immediately published it, striking another blow to the company's not-so-good-anymore rep... (read more)


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Fed Up with iPad

'I've just lost the touch with the things,' I though when I read about Jason Kincaid legging it from TechCrunch. Not that I liked his writing style very much, but the guy really did stand out among the humongous horde of IT-journalists that is feeding on the enormous Sylicon Valley profits. The stuff he writes is someti... (read more)


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Pwned and Owned

The Pwn2Own competition is one of my most favorite one in the whole tech branch. When you realize that the browser develoeprs pay $60.000 to hackers who manage to hack their safer-than-safety browsers and thus disgrace the former to a certain extent, you start seeing Pwn2Own in a new light.

This year am... (read more)


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Freud and the Internet

I've been always wondering why the discussions on the Internet are so much different from the ones in the offline world. It just amazing how easily people waive goodbye to the decorum as soon as they get at their keyboards: having logged in onto another web-forum, discussion platform or, most ofte... (read more)