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The Duck Manhunt

I'm sure many of you old-timers remember the cult Duck Hunt Nintendo game, where you had to shoot ducks with a plastic guns, delivered separately from the console. Yeah, the one with the annoying laughing dog. As a kid, I had no dream other than killing that bastard; but the gun won't shoot him do... (read more)


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IBM: The Freelance Paradise?

IBM is on the decline, that's obvious.

The former market leader is going to ax several thousands jobs due to constantly declining profits. Many experts believe the reason for this is that IBM missed the opportunity to catch up with the latest tech trends and is now bending itself backwards in or... (read more)


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Looking at Things

You know, political blogs, especially if they are about dead politicians, are very rarely fun. They are mostly a vast collection of haughty reflections about the nature and backgound of this orthat political event 30 years ago somewhere in Honduras.

This blog is a completely different story. Although it is ... (read more)


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Another Worm in Apple?

Imagine you want to buy a bearing-producing machine. You come to the most reliable seller (let's say his name is Mr Gregory Bapple) that there is in your whereabouts and tell him you want to get a consignment of those machines.

Once you unpack the machines, install and start using them, you notice ... (read more)


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Cute Gunk

Tel me, how on Earth can a talk about ear and eye gunk be so engrossing for a man's heart?

Honestly, I've never seen such a cute description of the excreta, produced by the organs on our head.

This video of an all-American blue-eyed blondie, fluently chatting in Mandarin Chinese (the whole situati... (read more)


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Taming Facebook?

It looks like this day is Facebook's day. Every single interesting thing I read in tech blogs or come across on the Web has somehow to do with the planet's biggest social network.

This article by Anil Dash is no exception.

The guy essentially maintains the point of view, according to which Zuckerberg and his... (read more)


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Just tell me, tell me pleae, what on Earth is this thing, and how the guys who have made it have done it? Seriosuly, I'm not that good at programming, and I'm no Facebook-freak, starting to stutter every time I come across some weird stuff that is somehow connected with this site, but it really makes me paran... (read more)