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The Indonesian Apple

Sometimes I wonder who could want to buy BlackBerry phones in 2011. The Canadian devices with the QWERTY-keypad and ruthlessly crashing cloud servies, feel irreversibly obsolete in the age of touchscreens and Google almost perfectly relible cloud.

Nevertheless, it proves to be wrong for the the dev... (read more)


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At Last Something Interesting

You know, the gizmo industry has been increasingly boring for the last couple of months. The recipes for new tech wonders the manufacturers presented on the market seemed to be copied from the same IT-recipe book: put more pixels here, additional inches there… Voilà! All that time I was tortured by ... (read more)


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Google everywhere

You know, it seems to me that there are no other IT companies in the world besides Google. The then unobtrusive search engine has now turned into a whole empire that creates software and web products, the scope of which embraces, frankly, everything.

This time the giant has made another step on t... (read more)