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Control your House

Both Samsung and LG — the longtime South Korean rivals — introduced a vast range of next-generation products. The most showy, to me, devices provided by the giants are services allowing people to communicate with their house appliances. SmartHome by Samsung and HomeChat by LG help you take control... (read more)


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From Microsoft with love

Microsoft Corporation knows much about fashion. E.g. it appears to be well aware that bright colours are in vogue now. The best proves are the photos of the new devices of the Surface family: the smartwatch and keyboard.


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Spoil your pics!

Everybody has a friend that always spoils photos — that's a fact. Now you can do it on your own by adding emoticons. Sure, someone may like this project but I'm personally fed up with this expression of feelings in the picture.

In my humble opinion, it was a very nice photo before adding emoticons. It's ... (read more)