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Some nice story

A friend in need is a friend indeed, aren't they?

We can think up different categories of friends: trusted and intimate chaps, pleasant people to deal with, perfect drinking companions, sweetheart colleagues, chums for chatting, pals-that-you-dislike-at-heart-but-you-should-be-polite-to-them and so on and so forth. Sure, the list can be everla... (read more)


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World Wonders Project

Eager to travel but can't? Does the situation sound familiar? Then Google is a rescue ranger: it has launched the project called World Wonders Project that make your wishes come true. Click here and enjoy any place in the world. Sure, not any place but 132 wonders of 18 countries are available for you. ... (read more)


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Touching concern or self-interest?

It's announced that Facebook is working hard to allow kids under thirteen to create accounts that can be monitored by parents. Soon it'll be up to parents to select friends and applications for their dear child.

We will remind you that now it's prohibited for adolescents to log in Facebook. Howe... (read more)


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A cry from the heart

Now I'm interested in your opinion. Do you think that a director of a museum should take care of pictures? I used to suppose so but then I've come across one curious article and changed my mind a bit.

A director of an Italian museum stated that he would burn 3 works of art as to draw government's ... (read more)


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An online fitting room

Do you belong to the group of online shopaholics? As for me, I hate online shopping because you never guess the size, you never know how an article will fit you in real life. I just hate buying a pig in a poke. To be more precise, I used to hate it,now the situation has been changed a bit thanks to ... (read more)


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Freebie has come to its end

Are you used to reading digital edition of popular broadsheets on the Internet? If so, try not to get upset as freebie has come to its end. Now 300 serious newspapers have abolished the chance to get news for free and established so called pay walls. This means that today many digital newspapers lim... (read more)