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A score to blondes

Are you sitting now? Good. If not, please, lean your elbows on something. Ready? Good.

The chemical analysis has showed that the Medici Venus was a blonde with a red lipstick on her lovely lips. Dear blondes,are you satisfied? Here are the the details.


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Android: Its popularity.

I like figures. For instance, I like the number of new Android devices being activated every day. It's approximately 850 000 per day. Great, isn't it? Being quite aware of their cost, we can make a rough calculation of the income of the company, be glad for its sake and wish ourselves the same succe... (read more)


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Microbloggers, attention!

February 7, 2012. Beijing presented an ultimatum to microbloggers (when I read this, I sweated a bit as being one of them). The point is that China declined the war to false identities and nick names. It's claimed that now you, dear Chinese comrades, must register your real date till the 16th of Mar... (read more)


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A smartphone instead of a laptop?

Netbooks, desktops, laptops and tablets…

Are they going to die out because of the growing popularity of smartphones? Sure, not yet. However, time flies and smartphones, these little pretty things of fine quality and high functionality, are rapidly developing. Throw a stone at me if smartphones a... (read more)


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Momentous figures

Trumpet fanfare! The grand event occurs: there are 555 million websites in the World Wide Web now. It's nearly twice as many in comparison with the last year's results. The tendency is clear, isn't it?

By the way, do you know that the whole Earth population is immensely huge? To be precise, it's 6.... (read more)