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Understand your dog

CES means Consumer Electronics Show and is an event where industrial titans reveil their plans and announce upcoming products. Traditionally, CES 2014 took place at the beginning of January in Las Vegas. This year, wearables became the symbol of CES.

One of them greatly amazed me. It's Voyce — a healt... (read more)


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A must-not!

You know, every day there're more and more apps born. Some of them are really helpful: to learn some news, stay connected with friends for free, play nice games, and so on and so forth. But we all meet programs which aim is hidden in the mist of history.

Of course, you can defend them: they're ju... (read more)


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Marauder's Map

Are there any people who haven't read Harry Potter? Hardly. So I think you'll remember a marauder's map. It's a magic map that allows Harry and his friends to keep an eye on other characters walking in the castle.

Now this Maradeur's Map has seen the light!

Actually, it's a network of digital cameras able to... (read more)


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Long live Windows XP!

Windows XP seems to have a bit short but bright history: released twelve years ago in 2001, it's going to end up in April, 2014. It was a sure-fire hit! All users must have gone through it. But now the end comes as the OS is stated to be underpowered.

Actually, the operating system won't be completely d... (read more)


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Watch Apple TV!

Apple TV seems to be the real treasure and it appears to replace some gadgets!

With it, you can enjoy 1080p HD films (of course, paid in most cases), search movies by titles and genres, purchase favourite shows or soap operas, play content from YouTube and many other sites, transfer everything from you... (read more)


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Dear friends,

nice to see you here this year, as well!

It's the beginning of the year and it's high time to hatch plans. Apple is a bright instance how to unusually do it ;) There're tons of juicy gossips that the company is going to create… iWatch!

We all know witty jokes about Apple developing smart dev... (read more)