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Chrome Rocks!

An epic article has been published on CNet today. Not that it is written in an especially talented way or couldcompete with Shakespeare's in emotional impact it has upon you.

Howbeit, it is epic, because it marks a milestone event in the history of Google Chrome. As a devoted fan of this browser, I knew from the ... (read more)


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Knock-knock! That would be the last sound you'll hear before your Windows Mobile OS crashes and you'll be denied access to the Messaging Center. According to the article on, there exists some special sequence of characters, which can be sent to a Windows-operated phone in an SMS or even Facebook me... (read more)


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Mind Your Language

The Russian president (that guy with an unpronounceable last name) seems to be a good judge of the colloquial Russian and is not afraid of sharing the constructions he esteemed especially much with his Twitter-followers.

Last night Mr. Medvedev re-twitted one of the former Russian parliament deputi... (read more)


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Quake, For Your Doom is Nigh

I don't know how it is in other countries, but here, in Germany the government bodies, responsible for reviewing the media, harmful to young persons, are a bit… let me put it mildly… pushy. While the rest of the world was enjoying butchering hordes of mosters in Doom and Quake, the German teenagers ... (read more)


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Oh, it looks like I was too hasty with the previous post.

Re-designing its bar is not the only thing Google wants to undertake. Now, if you are a happy owner of an Android device, you can download the latest version of Google Maps from Android Market to get the indoor areas displayed on your maps.

I can't but greet thi... (read more)


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The Jolly Facebook

It is not only the anti-globalist and other leftist movements who defend the web-piracy. Last week saw a very rare event, as Facebook, Google, AOL, LinkedIn, EBay, Mozilla, and Yahoo! sent a protest note to the U.S. Senate.

Well, to be honest, the tech giants are protesting not against fighting the... (read more)


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Toughpad for the Tough Guys

Honestly, when I first heard about the new device by Panasonic, I nearly died laughing: these guys want 1000 Euros for their tough device!

At the same time, its specs do not present anything that could make me cry with joy. A 1024 x 768 resolution, 1.2 GHz Dualcore CPU, and 16 Gb on a hard driver a... (read more)