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Soap Bubble Screen

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “soap bubbles”? The childhood joy of seeing these floating spheres you so desperately try to catch? Well, soon we'll be able to watch movies on such bubbles and use them as a 3d display.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a spe... (read more)


Blog by BlackDragon  → 

Enjoy the 3D Beauty of the Moon

If you are fond of space and have 3D glasses, you will enjoy these pictures of the Moon done with the help of 3D technology. I find them really interesting. Even though I lack the 3D glasses, and only dream of having them, I'll try the recipe of the home-made ones, which are said to be enough for th... (read more)


Blog by CrazyMom  → 

Creating cartoons with the 3D printers

Creating a cartoon has always been the most fascinating process. As a child, I thought it had been a miracle. I have been terribly curious how the painted or sculpted from clay characters can come to life and move.

Nowadays it is particularly interesting to observe how the old methods like stop-m... (read more)


Blog by Insglas  → 

Self-Help for Game Villains

The ultimate frustration… The ultimate frustration is when you do the same work, day after day, month after month, and you've been doing it for more than thirty years only to eventually fail each time. The ultimate frustration: these words describe the life of a game villain best.

He's destined t... (read more)