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A New Japanese Hotel Managed by Robots


A Henn-na Hotel (read 'Strange Hotel') in Nagasaki, Japan opens its doors in July, 2015. The staff will be presented as 10 androids (robots, designed to look and act like a human), 3 of which are multilingual gynoids (androids that have female appearance). The developer Kokoro company calls them... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

Some New Useful Mobile Apps


This application will help you type in an amazingly fast way. So, you'll get a new touchscreen keyboard that knows how words work together, and the app will provide you with the best autocorrect predicting your next word.

Price: $3.99, but you may load a trial version.

Works on Android.


It lets you create multi-angle videos with your fans, followers or f... (read more)


Blog by BookWorm  → 

'Ideas Worth Spreading'

If you want to know 'Why democracy matters', or 'Who controls the world', or 'What is the self-healing asphalt made of', in other words, if you want to be aware of all the innovations developed by human mind, so you are welcome to the one of the 'Ideas' communities that have become more and more p... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

'Drinking Mirror' App

This time Android users may 'enjoy' a 'Drinking Mirror' app. The name of a program clearly explains what the app is intended to do.

How does it work? You add your photo and answer a very simple question about how many glasses of wine you drink per week, then you'll see how this may age your look.

The app is especiall... (read more)


Blog by Wahr Darty  → 

Android: Its popularity.

I like figures. For instance, I like the number of new Android devices being activated every day. It's approximately 850 000 per day. Great, isn't it? Being quite aware of their cost, we can make a rough calculation of the income of the company, be glad for its sake and wish ourselves the same succe... (read more)


Blog by tauri  → 

Overwhelming self-confidence rules

In the fight between the two smartphone heavyweights, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was blunt today about who he thinks is winning.

„Android is ahead of the iPhone now,“ Schmidt declared to an audience of techies and aspiring entrepreneurs at the LeWeb conference here.

He made his statement to a room bursting at the seams with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and the audience met his words with a moment of silence that implied some skepticism. So Schmidt elaborated on how he was measuring: „unit volume, Ice Cream Sandwich, the price is lower, there are more vendors.“

So… ignorant. By the way, do you know that Jobs' biography has become the best seller on Amazon? D'you still believe Mr. Schmidt? :)