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New Mini iPad - What features users would like to see

And now let's pass to what is more exciting… what features users would like to see

1) Retina display

With such a display everything you see and do looks stunning. That’s because the Retina display’s pixel density is so high that your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. Which, in its turn, means text... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 

Apple Upside Down

I thought there 's no justice in this world anymore but Ozzies have proved me wrong.

About two weeks ago I published a ranting post about Apple messing us about. A long story short, Apple claimed thejir new iPad is LTE-capable, whereas the 4G networks are available to iPad owners only in the United States and ... (read more)


Blog by Insglas  → 

Product Placement Google-wise

It's been nearly a month since Google found itself in a quite npleasant situation: the company was caught off guard violating people's privacy. The bad thing for Google was the stroy was dug up by Well Street Journal that immediately published it, striking another blow to the company's not-so-good-anymore rep... (read more)


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Apple Pulling Our Leg?

The big tech news of teh last week is the two killer features of the new iPad: a 2048×1536 px retina display and an LTE standard support, allowing for really high data communication speed of up to 72 MBit/s.

Half a year ago the newly presented iPhone 4S had got two killer features as well. These were a... (read more)


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Apple Shipping iPad 3 to the USA?

After a two-week revel spree in a nice company of friends I finally got to the computer and checked whether there have been around any new interesing pieces of tech news. Nah, there haven't.

Oh wait, not quite so! Actually, there was one report that captured my attention: the latest rumours about... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 


Sometimes the comments to news are much better than the news itself. That was the case with this AllThingsD report regarding the rumours about iPad 3 presentation in March. The report is alright, but the comment is just brilliant.


Blog by Insglas  → 

Another Worm in Apple?

Imagine you want to buy a bearing-producing machine. You come to the most reliable seller (let's say his name is Mr Gregory Bapple) that there is in your whereabouts and tell him you want to get a consignment of those machines.

Once you unpack the machines, install and start using them, you notice ... (read more)