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Apple's Diplomacy

I'd like to finally pick up on the topic that has been picked up on by almost anybody on the Internet, including my co-bloggers. You've guessed it right: the iOS 6 Maps.

This time, the notorious navigation monstrosity by Apple has outdone itself. It has unintentionally put forward a diplomatic solution for th... (read more)


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Citius, Altius, Acrius

After Nokia 808 PureView was presented to the general public on February 27, every tech blogger felt just obliged to write a post about the phone's phenomenal 41 megapixels.

Not me, however =-D

41 megapixels… Who cares about the measly 41 megapixels, when there are photos with the resolution of ... (read more)


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Microbloggers, attention!

February 7, 2012. Beijing presented an ultimatum to microbloggers (when I read this, I sweated a bit as being one of them). The point is that China declined the war to false identities and nick names. It's claimed that now you, dear Chinese comrades, must register your real date till the 16th of Mar... (read more)


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Cute Gunk

Tel me, how on Earth can a talk about ear and eye gunk be so engrossing for a man's heart?

Honestly, I've never seen such a cute description of the excreta, produced by the organs on our head.

This video of an all-American blue-eyed blondie, fluently chatting in Mandarin Chinese (the whole situati... (read more)