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Facebook allows pseudonims?

Yes, if you provide a scanned copy of your *government-issued, photo ID*.

Weird, don't you think? Even my Internet bank client doesn't have a copy of my pass. Do they need a dozen of blank papers signed at the bottom as well?


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Facebook statistics

Infographics Lab have recently published an infographic that contains major statistics of the world's greatest social network. When you look at it first time, it does really seem impressive.

I hope the data can be useful to you, or at least interesting :) To find the embedding code, please visit ... (read more)


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Facebook promises an IPO

Some sources report that Facebook is going to roll out a $10bln-worth IPO in May 2012. To warm up the would-be buyers, the original sources of information speculate that the largest social network's projected profits will increase by a third next year, in comparison to $4 bln in 2011.

Well, in an... (read more)


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Taming Facebook?

It looks like this day is Facebook's day. Every single interesting thing I read in tech blogs or come across on the Web has somehow to do with the planet's biggest social network.

This article by Anil Dash is no exception.

The guy essentially maintains the point of view, according to which Zuckerberg and his... (read more)


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Just tell me, tell me pleae, what on Earth is this thing, and how the guys who have made it have done it? Seriosuly, I'm not that good at programming, and I'm no Facebook-freak, starting to stutter every time I come across some weird stuff that is somehow connected with this site, but it really makes me paran... (read more)


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The Facebook Faces

The very emoticon concept will never be the same after the changes in the emoticon system the administration of Facebook introduced this Christmas.

The idea is just super simple: from now on you can use any user or event profile picture as an emoticon.

In order to do it, you should

1) copy the u... (read more)


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Either to ban or to reward

I've come across one interesting thing. Social networks became the subject of bitter argument as they were suspected of having provoked a set of riots in the UK. Of course, in the world of telephones, emails, icq, skype and other developed technologies Facebook and Twitter are the chief instigators.... (read more)


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Facebook doesn't want to lag behind Google+, which allegedly has no limitations of the post size: now your posts on Zuckerberg's site can be up to 63,206 characters large. This figure is not a random one. Bob Baldwin, a Facebook engineer: “I set the exact limit to something nerdy. Facebook … Face Bo... (read more)