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Welcome to Facebook App Center

Is there a site with all necessary apps for you? There is. Facebook is launching its new project — App Center where users can find a variety of social apps. It also gives an opportunity for developers to offer unpaid and paid apps, be in touch with the users and their opinions. App Center is directed on iOS... (read more)


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Facebook involved in ACLU lawsuit

In early 2011 R.S. posted a comment, while at home, on her Facebook page about her dislike of a school staff member. The school learned about the comment, and R.S. received a detention and was forced to write an apology to the staff member. She was disciplined again when she cursed on her Facebook... (read more)


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Facebook enables Timeline for pages

Facebook has announced that on March 30 all the product or business pages will feature the new layout called TimeLine. We have already seen it on personal pages; now it's businesses' turn.

You can turn it on right now in your page's preferences, or wait until the end of the month, when your old p... (read more)


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Facebook allows pseudonims?

Yes, if you provide a scanned copy of your *government-issued, photo ID*.

Weird, don't you think? Even my Internet bank client doesn't have a copy of my pass. Do they need a dozen of blank papers signed at the bottom as well?


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Facebook statistics

Infographics Lab have recently published an infographic that contains major statistics of the world's greatest social network. When you look at it first time, it does really seem impressive.

I hope the data can be useful to you, or at least interesting :) To find the embedding code, please visit ... (read more)


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Facebook promises an IPO

Some sources report that Facebook is going to roll out a $10bln-worth IPO in May 2012. To warm up the would-be buyers, the original sources of information speculate that the largest social network's projected profits will increase by a third next year, in comparison to $4 bln in 2011.

Well, in an... (read more)