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The Hottest Smartphones

This year is a special one — almost every week a new phone comes out. Thus, we have a great variety to choose from. So, let me provide you with a list of the hottest ones.

1. iPhone 5

Advantages: a larger screen, more powerful processor, better camera and the ability to run on faster 4G LTE wireless networks.

2. Samsung Galaxy S III

The ma... (read more)


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New Galaxy on May 3

Samsung is going to present the next Galaxy phone in 16 days in London. The company has already started to send their invites, though they don't contain any particular details about the new smartphone.CNN


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Finally, a minute to reflect.

For the longest time I was battling with myself in regards to which Tablet PC to get. Apple's products are overpriced and were ignored right away, besides I already own an iPod 3rd Generation, which will run iOS5, so I am all set with Apple. So the two tablets that I couldn't choose between were: Sa... (read more)