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Blog by BlackDragon  → 

A New Cute Gaming Mouse

The Future-Looking Mouse, Isn't it?

Well, while surfing the Internet I can't go by a cute thing in computer world. And, yes, it is another nicy mouse created by BMW and Thermaltake. It is called 'the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse' and is, to my mind, awesome in its looks. It is definitely not the one we got accustomed to in design. It is ... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

5 Signs of Gaming Addiction

1. Disrupted life. It is clear that if a person plays all night long, he won't be able to get up on time.

2. Ready to forget about what matters. When a person loses his job, or denies to go to school because he needs to be online or simply wants to play this or that game.

3. Need for a bigger fix.

4. A person feels anxios or worried when he disconnects, or someone makes him do this.

5. Cravings. Feel the need to play or be online no matter ... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 

You Get the Endianness Wrong

There's a new great game coming to discharge Minecraft as the geekiest game evah.

What is the most top-notch hard-core video game you can think of? I bet, many of you will certainly say 'Minecraft' as soon as the words 'hard-core' and 'game' come up in a conversation.

Minecraft is an icon for the indie g... (read more)