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This Thrusday evening was totally lost for me: I ran into Hexagon. I must admit, it is the best indie title I have played in months! This minimalistic game rocks really hard. If you start playing it and don't leave it in the next three minutes, there is no way you'll leave it later.

What is really very ... (read more)


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Lone Survivor: The Nature of Fear

I could be really into horror games if not for one tiny little thing: they don't scare me. I mean, they don't scare me the way they are supposed to do, scare the pants off of me. The unconvincing atmosphere, excessive blood and gore, commonplace plot twists that you foresaw hours before: all that ha... (read more)


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plachý trpaslík: The Art of Game Design

Sometimes you happen to stumble upon a something that changes the way you see something. You watch the first Matrix films and get to realise that there are more to blockbusters than big badabooms and huge human-like robots fighting among skyscrapers. You read Paying for It by Chester Brown and reali... (read more)


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Freaking You Out

There are so many principles that game developers keep believing but that just turn out to be totally false… One of them is that a game should at all times stay totally rewarding and encouraging. In plain terms, a game should be easy enough, otherwise the average player that the developers always ke... (read more)