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Twitter Created a Music App

The application is, unfortunately, available only for iPhone users via Apple's iTunes App Store and for Google. Although Android users shouldn't feel excluded, as soon the app will be ready for this platform as well.

So, Twitter's new app will help users find music according to artists and bands... (read more)


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Twitter's own Instagram

Twitter has launched its own library of filters for its Android and iPhone applications. So, now you can easily enhance your images.

The new filters were made by Aviary.

Wonder what you can do with your pics?

1) You may choose among 8 filters, ranging from black & white to vintage.

2) Check how the chosen effect affects your pic.

3) Frame the action.


Blog by Zocker  → 


Knock-knock! That would be the last sound you'll hear before your Windows Mobile OS crashes and you'll be denied access to the Messaging Center. According to the article on, there exists some special sequence of characters, which can be sent to a Windows-operated phone in an SMS or even Facebook me... (read more)


Blog by Zecar  → 

Either to ban or to reward

I've come across one interesting thing. Social networks became the subject of bitter argument as they were suspected of having provoked a set of riots in the UK. Of course, in the world of telephones, emails, icq, skype and other developed technologies Facebook and Twitter are the chief instigators.... (read more)


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Twitter Hacked... by a Kazakh?

Don't take me for a racist or something of the kind. I just don't know anything about Kazakhstan, except that it is the motherland of Borat, who is actually a nice British comedian, and that… that… And that's it.

But tell me, how on Earth did he manage to make this tweet?

According to experts,... (read more)


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Mind Your Language

The Russian president (that guy with an unpronounceable last name) seems to be a good judge of the colloquial Russian and is not afraid of sharing the constructions he esteemed especially much with his Twitter-followers.

Last night Mr. Medvedev re-twitted one of the former Russian parliament deputi... (read more)


Blog by Insglas  → 

Business as Usual

„The Data Frame“: that was the motto of Web 2.0 Summit that ended yesterday in San Francisco.

The Big Shots, heads of almost all biggest IT-monsters in the world, gathered at the Palace Hotel of Fog City to discuss the latest trends of the industry, condemn the rivals' failures, and brag about their own success... (read more)