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Perry's Logic

Most of us, men, are a often a bit sexist when we accuse women of the absence of logic. To be more precise, we accuse them of a very strange. somewhat (very much) distorted logic. But that has proven to be obe big mistake: women are perfectly logical creatures who never make illogical inferences… in... (read more)


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I've got an absolutely surprising piece of news for you: Google is planning to enter a new market. Well, actually, not that new, but still one of the most underdeveloped among the markets that the former Good Company and the current Lesser Evil is milking. I mean television, of course.

The means ... (read more)


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The Greatest Typewriter EVAH!

I'm an avid sci-fi fan and read at least two books of this genre a month. One of the greatest sci-fi authors EVAH is, in my opinion, Henry Kuttner, whose stories about the alcoholic inventor, Gallegher, made lots of my days. This guy is an absolute genius, but he's got one insignificant drawback: he... (read more)