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What do you think about our economy, sonnie?

Tokyo Newspaper found the way to broaden their number of readers by means of! They created a new app for iPhone that allows to change a political discussion into kids'story just by pointing the device at the article in Tokyo Newspaper. Clarifying commentaries by a funny animated character,... (read more)


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A Political Truth Finding App

The Truth Finding App

The two former MIT Media Lab students, Dan Siegel and Jennifer Hollett, with the help of the Knight Foundation created a nice application that can check the truthfulness of political adds and of accusations in them. It is called Super PAC App.

The idea is close to those multi-media tagging a... (read more)


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App wants you to share enemies on Facebook

A nice title, isn't it? It is well-known that Facebook has no “Dislike” button, but a new application for this social network encourages Facebook users to list people or things they dislike, then share them with like-minded haters as a way of bonding.

Among the app's most popular “enemies” are very familiar targets: politicians, Justin ... (read more)