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Face Stealer for iOS

Something not That Frightening

Yahoo Japan has forwarded a new app, called Face Stealer, for iOS. The application seems to be two sided – fun on the one hand and a bit unfinished on the other. But let's go step by step.

First, it is funny: it applies a mask to your face and changes your look. The mask moves together with your face and h... (read more)


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Create you own masterpiece with Silk

Willing to participate in any creative process? What about generative art? If it has aroused your interest, I guess, you'll love a new Web application – Silk. Using it, you have all chances to create a real masterpiece. Draw psychedelic, silk-like patterns across your screen in a variety of colors a... (read more)


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A Political Truth Finding App

The Truth Finding App

The two former MIT Media Lab students, Dan Siegel and Jennifer Hollett, with the help of the Knight Foundation created a nice application that can check the truthfulness of political adds and of accusations in them. It is called Super PAC App.

The idea is close to those multi-media tagging a... (read more)