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SpaceTop 3D. The monitor of the future.

Following Touchpad screens there go 3D ones! The witness of it is SpaceTop 3D transparent desktop. In front of this monitor you can work with all the files in 3D-space. In other words, this super-duper device allows users actually „reach into“ their computer, and move files and data with their hands... (read more)


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Google glass is real

Google Glass in no longer a fairy tale.

The first mention and the last official video was intended more for its functionality representation. As for the new one, it is already a piece of cut-aways from the real lives of those who had a great chance to wear these super-gadget! Now there is even information ava... (read more)


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What do you think about our economy, sonnie?

Tokyo Newspaper found the way to broaden their number of readers by means of! They created a new app for iPhone that allows to change a political discussion into kids'story just by pointing the device at the article in Tokyo Newspaper. Clarifying commentaries by a funny animated character,... (read more)


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Augmented reality at your home!

Microsoft thought of the way to wipe the boundary between the TV screen and the reality at home. The answer is here: Kinect, multimedia projector and no special effects required! Kinect camera scans the room you are in, and the projector lets the picture spread onto the surrounding things, thus cont... (read more)


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You mind can be controlled with a …helmet!

Do you remember the film ‘Inception’ with Leonardo Di Caprio starred? In this film he plays the role of an industrial spy who is hired to plant an idea in the mind of a businessman by one of his rivals. There Di Caprio's hero can make one dream within one's dreams in such a way that he/she is unable... (read more)


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Life is a game?

Would you like to play the game of your life as if it were a computer game?

We can not only imagine this but also see with the help of the short futuristic film 'Sight'. This film has been created to demonstrate what our reality would be with special contact lens on that turn every routine action into ... (read more)


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The Duck Manhunt

I'm sure many of you old-timers remember the cult Duck Hunt Nintendo game, where you had to shoot ducks with a plastic guns, delivered separately from the console. Yeah, the one with the annoying laughing dog. As a kid, I had no dream other than killing that bastard; but the gun won't shoot him do... (read more)


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Google's Goggles

Looks like Google really does mean it. The search giant is allegedly working on the Augmented Reality glasses.

I hope they won't be like that

According to, people, wearing these glasses, will see the world much like Schwarznegger in Terminator 2, with long rows of figures and text, giving some basic information about the object they are... (read more)