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Buy Printed Wikipedia for $500,000

Well, once upon a time Michael Mandiberg, one of the chief Wikipedia contributors, decided: I will print it one day. And „when I started, I wondered: What if I took this new thing and made it into that old thing?“ is a website which is going to be used for publishing. It is developed... (read more)


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Creative Illumination

A Book? A Lamp?

These day I came across a project, that totally captured my mind. I felt the desire to have one device for myself, and if not for the certain limitations I have to undergo, I would definitely order one for myself.

The device is a lamp of an intriguing design: it has a form of a book and illum... (read more)


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Specially for book lovers

How hard it is now to come up with something new in any of the spheres. Indeed, in principle, all human needs are satisfied by 100%. To get the buyer, the producers are thinking not only about how to improve the quality, but also how to „hook“ a possible buyer; and this is where the invaluable wor... (read more)