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Life is a game?

Would you like to play the game of your life as if it were a computer game?

We can not only imagine this but also see with the help of the short futuristic film 'Sight'. This film has been created to demonstrate what our reality would be with special contact lens on that turn every routine action into ... (read more)


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Flat Technology

New Lenovo Ultrabook

These days we get more mature, becoming difficult to be surprised. Yet, one thing did surprise me, may be just because this is the first object in the sphere of computer technology I came across that can do so. Frankly speaking, I have no idea if it is the unique one or not, but I just fell in lov... (read more)


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A Desktop Tablet?

Toshiba Excite 13

Today I came across an article about Toshiba Excite 13 – a tablet that is bigger than any other – the whole 13 inchies. The first thing I thought about after reading an article was – why so big? To my mind 10 – 11 inches are enough for a tablet. It seems more to be a desktop tablet, than the one t... (read more)


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A New Toy by Microsoft

Microsoft's Surface

The recent announcement made by Microsoft was about a new product, which is not just another software release.

The company is bringing to life its own tablet with powerful hardware (also developed by the company). As Microsoft team present it — it is to be a full desktop computer in the form ... (read more)